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I've been in the wedding industry for over 7 years now and have pretty much seen or heard it all. This blog is hopefully able to help you out with your wedding planning with some do's and don'ts and some hints and tips. Enjoy.

By Kate Greevy, Mar 19 2015 04:32PM

So I got a little bit sick and tired of hearing about so called 'companies' who thought it was really simple to set up a supply business within the wedding industry and serve all the deserving brides here in Warwickshire. And then disappear. Or go bust. Or decide it was too hard.

Now don't get me wrong, if their business closed for legitimate reasons then I totally sympathise with them. Sometimes life throws some nasty stuff at you, which can begin to ruin your entire life. So I do, seriously, sympathise. What I do struggle to sympathise with is those that, for no 'real reason', let down honest, paying customers for know better reason than naivety.

It really is pretty simple; if it seems too good to be true, it is. In terms of my industry, event decor, my prices reflect my products and service. There are cheaper companies out there and there are dearer companies out there. What I can never do is offer you my products, time, travel costs, customer service, advice, ideas and professionalism for 99p a chair cover. It is simply not plausible and would break my business.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who want to beat all possible quotes and offer a service at knock down prices. Now for a while, this may work. But not for long. When it stops paying the bills and they realise that a lot of time is going in for little reward it all begins to fall apart. At the cost of the bride.

So I did something about it. I got a group of 24 suppliers together that I have either worked with, used personally or they have been recommended to me and we formed a networking group called Warwickshire WED (Wedding and Events Directory). We meet once a month to discuss trends, fayres, suppliers, business ideas, offers etc and we hold 3+ fayres a year. On top of this we offer a sensible discount scheme where the more of us you book the higher the discount becomes up to 15%.

This was to achieve a few things really. Firstly, to ensure that as an area, we can supply and demonstrate some of the best services n the area. Secondly to ensure our businesses stay afloat above these 'pop up companies' by referring and supporting other small businesses, thirdly to keep up to date with trends and finally to give you, the customer, the best!

What we are certainly not tying to do is exclude other businesses in the area that are well respected, legitimate, trustworthy and honourable. We will try our hardest to work with and recommend other serviced we believe in. But what we are trying to achieve is to flush out those companies that have one intention - to rip brides off! You can trust with Warwickshire WED that this will not happen.

So that's my latest news. Hopefully it will benefit you as well as us.

By Kate Greevy, Jan 22 2015 02:08PM

The first question is "why blog?". The answer is somewhat simple: I think, therefore I blog. I not only think, I think about weddings. Non stop. And it's not just venue decor that occupies my mind, it's everything associated with weddings. From toast masters to garters, I never stop. So I suppose the point in these blogs is that perhaps by writing down some of my madness, it may ease some of yours. We shall see. So keep your eyes peeled for some interesting topics, honest opinions and guest bloggers.

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