ClassicBows teal sweets

Personalised sweet tables to match your theme or colour scheme. With a huge selection of sweets available and an array of vases to select we can ensure the child within all of us is kept happy....and full! From £1.50 per person for a swet table to £1.75 per sweet cart. All sweet tables include mirrored plates and organza swagging, runners or overlays - just let us know the colour you prefer and we'll sort it!

pink sweet table IMG_3738 260 AIW2 TONI & KNIGHTY AIW3 Doughnut wall

Doughnut walls.....the new craze for 2017 and 2018! Our wall comes with 54 ring doughnuts and a cake stand of minature ring doughnuts to match! all for £100!

Sweet Tooth

doughnut wall neutral sweet table sweet table cartoon sweets